Monce Abraham

Neil Armstrong… and the Art of Dreaming B.I.G.

In Life Lessons, Purpose, Self Awareness on August 26, 2012 at 22:59


Can’t help but imagine what Neil was thinking when he was chosen for the Apollo 11 Space mission, along with Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins… and what must have been going through his mind when he ‘decided’ to go ahead with what he did.

Neil inspired folks to think B.I.G. … that all limitations are, but self-imposed… and that when one outrageously decides to give a shot at being the first man on the moon, rest everything looks ordinary.

Kids will keep learning about you in the years to come Neil; & no one can take away the fact that you were the ‘First Man to Walk the Moon’…

RIP Neil… you live on…


Neil lives on...





p.s.: I am neither a Science geek, nor a self-proclaimed fan… Just an ordinary guy who feels inspired by Men such as these who dare to walk the Earth, or the Moon for that matter.

p.p.s.:  Those who have the urge to comment on the Moon landing conspiracy, some other day folks!


Cheers,  Monce

  1. A man worthy of being idolized. How great it must feel to be a pioneer. As they say, to boldly go where no man has gone before!

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